Related Rules

"Master's Program" Graduation and Thesis Submission

For students who wish to graduate, please prepare the necessary forms and submit them according to the following schedule. The forms can be downloaded from the department's website:

(Exact dates for each semester will be based on the academic calendar of each school year.)

Papers Presented for Review

Number of Semester Weeks Processed


1.Submiting the first draft for a written review.

Week 8


2.Registration for the thesis defense presentation time.

Week 11

1."A thesis presentation in a degree program" refers to presenting a thesis in the professor's class as part of the program.
2.Go to the School office to register for the presentation time.
3.Master's in-service programs are exempt from thesis presentation.

3.Hold the thesis defense presentation.

Week 12 or week 13

Master's in-service programs are exempt from thesis presentation.

4.Registration for the thesis oral defense time.

Week 14

Please make an appointment with the committee members of thesis defense  for the defense time as early as possible.

5.Complete the thesis oral defense.

Bofore week 15


6.Complete the final draft printing of the thesis and obtain the graduation certificate.

Before week 18

For students who are in their final year of study, please make sure to complete the procedures for obtaining the graduation certificate before the designated deadline.


  1. Each procedure should be carried out in sequence within the same semester, and students are not allowed to request changes or adjustments to the order.
  2. Except for special circumstances with the consent of the supervisor, the deadline for each procedure will not be accepted if it is exceeded.
  3. Before applying for the graduation certificate, in addition to completing the above procedures, it is also necessary to meet all the requirements listed in the implementation rules for the graduation threshold before applying for the graduation certificate.